Wednesday 26 August 2015


For some reason the title 'Harvest' came to me for this one. I think perhaps it's a painting about coming to spiritual fruition.

Tuesday 25 August 2015

Sea of Dreams

This painting seemed to suggest the rhythm of the sea and the presence of the moon...

Monday 24 August 2015

Friday 21 August 2015


I'm quite pleased with today's painting as it seems to capture a sense of flow without being anything in particular. I like the warm and cool elements and the shifts in tone

Friday 7 August 2015


Over the last couple of weeks I've been working on a series of intuitive oil paintings. Painting quite directly and on primed board, I tried to allow the images to flow. I guess you could call them 'happenings'....

Sea of Light

Guardian of the Sea

The Leap

Spirits of the Deep

Dance of the Waves

Spirit of Fire

The Battle

Rise Up

Sea of Tranquility

Light of Hope

Saturday 1 August 2015

Acrylic Moodscapes

Having recently ended our exhibition at Creative with Nature Gallery in Todmorden, I thought I'd post some of the Acrylic Moodscape images that were on show. This series was triggered by a journey home across the moors from Howarth - no artificial lighting, just the last glimmer of natural light and a dark horizon. The full collection can be found through the Moodscapes tab at the top of this page.