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*These courses are currently unavailable, sorry, but if you would like to be notified when they become available again please let me know via email: 

There is, however, a live art workshop with Michael each week.  Go to the Art Workshops page for further details.

Here's a link to ArtTutor, who have developed a really clear format for online art tutorials. I have been creating content for them over the last few years. You can gain an overview through the link below (when you get there, you can click the 'Tutors' tab at the top to scroll down and find me and my courses). If you like the look of it you can preview and purchase my courses through the links below.

Hope you like what you see: Click Here for your Introduction to ArtTutor


Pastel Painting Essentials - £31.56

The Pastel Painting Essentials course will teach you fundamental pastel painting techniques that you can then apply to any subject matter you choose to paint. 

It covers things like materials, blending, colour choice and tonal value. Many of the lessons in our other pastels courses will assume you know the basics taught in this course, so this a great place to start if you're a newcomer to the medium.



Painting Landscapes in Pastels - £31.56

The Pastels Landscapes Course shows you how to tackle the most common elements that make up a classic landscape painting - skies, trees, water, mountains and textures like rock, wood and stone. 

Each section starts with simple studies and progresses you through to more challenging examples. Once you've completed this course, you'll have the skills and confidence to tackle any pastel landscape.



Painting Still-Life in Pastels - £31.56

Painting from life is challenging. But it's also very rewarding when you get it right! 

The Pastels Still Life Course is designed to enhance your observational skills, as well as adding to the repertoire of textures and effects you can render with your brush. You'll learn how to paint believable glass, metal and wood as well as popular foodstuffs found in a traditional still life paintings.



Sketching the Landscape - £31.56

In this course professional artist Michael Howley takes you through sketching Skies, Hills and Trees in graphite.Mike will also show you how he tackles foreground details and the importance of tonal keys.

This is then followed by four full final landscape sketches. A great way of developing your observational skills, as well as learning how to develop your own sketch book.


Capturing Atmosphere in Pastel Landscapes - £31.56

If you have ever wondered how to capture atmosphere within your pastel landscapes then this is the course for you!

Join professional artist Michael Howley as he shows you how with these 4 stunning different landscapes classes.



  1. Hi Michael
    I just purchased your landscape drawing and pastel courses. I’m excited, pastel is a new medium for me. Your artwork resonates and inspires. Looking forward. Nancy from Canada.

  2. Hi Nancy,
    I'm afraid I missed your post from November 2017 and have only just come across it! I hope you enjoyed the course and that you are progressing well with the pastels. Thanks for your kind comments about my work. all the best, Michael

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