Friday 7 October 2022

Through the Veil

Below is one of the newly framed pieces for the Harrogate Art Fair (which is just a week away!). 'Through the Veil' is an original acrylic moodscape evoking a misty mountain scene inspired by my travels through the West Coast of Scotland. Often my paintings reflect something of the 'inner landscape' at the same time as the outer landscape. As I return to the world of art after a break, the way forward is not always clear and I have this sense of great opportunities, shrouded in mystery. Sometimes, as with the Harrogate art Fair, I have to take the next step in faith and trust that all will unfold in positive and exciting ways. 

In life, I can't always see the way ahead and I tend to call for guidance, listen to 'the voice within' (noticing any 'pointers' that seem to appear) and then I take the next step. So having felt guided towards the Harrogate Art Fair, I have invested in a stall, selected a body of work, chosen and ordered the framing and had leaflets and business cards printed. So now I hope, pray and am even prepared to expect, that the weekend will be a success - involving rich conversations with fellow art enthusiasts, some of whom will want to take a piece of art home with them. I am really looking forward to sharing my landscapes and moodscapes and connecting with people again through my work. 

Here's a link to Harrogate Art Fair.

Through the Veil (framing by Phil Darby)