Saturday 1 September 2012

I've lost count of the weeks, but I've recently been trying to push the boundaries of my own work. The image below is a semi abstract piece called 'Red Sky at Night'. I used Acrylics on canvas and worked rapidly so that the brushstrokes would have energy and 'presence'. My Abstracts page contains more of the recent work - some of which were attempts to articulate some of the more difficult emotional undercurrents of my character and experience of recent years. I think that some of the richest art, music and writing often come from times of great challenge and loss in our lives. As we find ways of expressing it, we can connect our personal experience to something universal.

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  1. I cannot believe what I'm seeing here! For the last few weeks, since ArtTutor began and I watched your pastel lessons - thanks!) I've been taking photos of clouds/sky to start doing when I'm good enough. We have fabulously changing skies near the Cheviots. And here I find you've been and done it all already! I can never do as well. Do I give up or persevere??
    OK, I know the answer. I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed browsing your pastel skies. They're lovely and evocative.