Friday 1 February 2013

Skyscapes and Acrylic Moodscapes

I thought it was about time I updated my blog with some of my recent work. I hope you like them.

As you can see, in these first two, I've returned to the theme of skies. I liked the drama of the 'Fiery Sky' and the shaping of the clouds in 'Red and Blue Sky'. I worked on dark toned paper for both paintings which gives them added depth I think.

Fiery Sky

Red and Blue Sky

The next series of images are painted with acrylics on canvas and they began with the idea of working with a limited palette to evoke certain moods. Sometimes landscapes reflect the way we're feeling - the outer world resonates with the inner world. In this small series, I tried to allow that to come through. I had no clear idea of an image when I started - just a certain range of colours, a few emotional undercurrents and some memories of landscape. From that point, the paintings just seemed to emerge. Their lack of detail gives scope for personal interpretation, I feel.



Floating in the Dark

Clouds Sweep over the Moors

Moorland Reflections

Going Home

In the painting below, I have attempted to capture something of the poetry of light. The subject was the reflection of a vase of flowers cast on the wall and I was drawn to the shimmering light. In a piece like this, I like the balance between the busier areas and the seemingly empty or blank areas in a painting. I'd like to develop a series of images along these lines that perhaps have a contemplative quality to them. 

Flower Reflections

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